An embarrassing situation that causes Salma Hayek to stay in the toilet for half an hour

Mexican star, Salma Hayek, showed a video clip showing her embarrassing situation that caused her to be held in the toilet for half an hour.

Hayek published the clip through her account on "Instagram", in which she appears with her glove hung with crystals hanging on the dress of her colleague, American actress Claire Fran, forcing them to stay in the toilet for half an hour until the ring is removed from the dress.

Hayek commented on the video, saying: "My glove was stuck in the gorgeous Fran Drescher dress, so I was late before presenting the award to Michael Keaton Douglas, who was also stuck."

And Salma Hayek was only minutes away from reaching the stage when that embarrassing situation occurred, forcing the two stars to stand still, waiting for help to untie Salma Hayek's glove from the crystal embroideries in Fran Dreschern's dress. An hour until the task is completed successfully.

Source: RT 

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